Poetry by Farah Lawal Harris

Love Constellation

*Written June 18, 2008*

he’ll come.
he’ll be a soldier, a revolutionary,
a force to be reckoned with.
watch out world!
once the two of us hook up,
the world will jolt,
Richter scales will revolt and walk off like
“We ain’t ask for all this work…”
minds will go berserk and souls of ex-lovers will hurt.
i see it now,
our names in lights in the sky,
forget billboards.
just the two of us
as we were both afraid to envision,
limited by our faulty vision of what was right for us.
lowered expectations are no longer in the vocabulary
because we not only fulfill one another’s dreams
but we merely are each others’ dreams.
i want to be ready.
i know i’m a catch now but
i’m gonna be a fortune later.
i sense it i see it i smell it i will
touch it one day
and until that day…
i’ll work on my portion
of this love constellation.


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