Poetry by Farah Lawal Harris

Not Here

i’m not here.
please leave a message.
i floated away when
no one was looking,
disappeared because
no one was looking.
your call may not be
returned in a timely
manner because i’ll need
to find myself before I can
muster up the voice
to answer anyone.
i’m not here,
please leave a message.
hopefully it’ll be
a nice one since
i have heard enough
unkind words,
seen enough
uncompassionate gestures
to never want to pick up
the phone again.
i’m not here,
please leave.
a message
saying I’m not here
is right before you.
what will you do?
continue to call or
hang up the phone and
figure out that I am
right in front of your face
asking you to leave a message
because i am
not here.


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