Poetry by Farah Lawal Harris

Pain Away (Revised 7-29-08)

i feel like i can write this pain away—
i can’t speak it away,
just speak
but somehow the idea of
words on a page
and letters on a screen
transfer my screams and frustration
and tears
into dreams.

i wonder if i can move this pain away—
not in a box, but jostle the anguish out
as i shake my buttocks,
as my hips rock,
maybe the crookedness of this orbit could stop
and then mysteriously align
with this time,
with this mind,
as i wind and wind,
dancing to the rhythm of my soul,
not worrying about control,
just lettin’ the sweat roll.
my body can tell the pain to go.

i wonder if i could pray this pain away—
ask God, beseech Him, rather
to give me a day better than my latter,
provide a ladder
for me to climb from the mud and dirt,
escape hurt,
wipe off my scraped knees and walk free,
discover what really is my destiny,
discover the He in me
instead of putting the me in He.

i think i’ll just wait this pain away—
get splinters in my butt cheeks
and tan lines while sitting in the heat,
blisters on my feet,
bags under my eyes,
a migraine from staring at the sky waiting for the sun to rise
cuz eventually
darkness will transform
not just to day–this transformation will be out of the norm:
out of the
brokenness of my spirit
out of the song of my life
out of the thankfulness for my strife
out of
out of
the beauty that is
He intertwined with the new me.


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