Poetry by Farah Lawal Harris

Relationship Counseling (Revised 7-29-08)

Where did you go, Time?
Did I offend you? Did I misuse you
and now you’re staying away from me for a while?
Look…I’m sorry I abused you.
I didn’t mean to neglect you
for things that seemed,
well, more…
I thought you would always be here,
waiting in the wings, a constant in my life.
I didn’t know that you would grow weary,
get old and even one day perish.
People say you fly but instead you
falling down never to be revived,
moving on to those who consider you alive.
Resurrect, please!
Let me do with you what I should have done
and make a commitment for you to be my husband.
Time, I will love you if you come back,
spend my focus figuring out how to make me and you
more effective,
work on our relationship and communicate with you
so that you will be a positive factor in all that I do.

Time, I want to love you, but it is so difficult
because you are always rushing,
never around for as long as I want you to be.
I look up from my sleep and you are gone
and I am late for work.
I look up from my selfishness and there you are,
walking away with my loved one.
I look up from my procrastination and
you are jumping out of the window with my goals.
Time, I’ll give up my control.
Just tell me what you it is,
what I am supposed to be doing right now.
I am a novice at dealing with you
and I need your guidance because I feel you
I don’t know you anymore
and all I see is your shadow fading in the opposite direction.
I’m hoping I see you tomorrow because you’re disintegrating today.
Oh my,

just slipped away.


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