Poetry by Farah Lawal Harris

My Poetry

my poetry is a means of
talking to myself out loud
in an acceptable manner.
no one can call me crazy
if i divide my thoughts
by lines and verses.
no one can call me hateful
if i use creativity while wishing curses.
of course this
form is a platform to reach others,
but in order to climb the stairs to get on stage to speak,
i first have to run my message past me.
every letter, syllable, word and parable
is a parenthetical subtext.
my words reflect
my heart and the Bible says
to keep it guarded
so sometimes i question what i’ve started…
opening up my life for inspection and introspection
but i decide or rather remind myself
that this life is not only for myself
but for all observers of this mystery.
so i will continue to artfully share my history
with the hope of aligning with others’ misery
and maybe changing their perspective,
possibly striking a cord in their minds,
speaking a truth about our lives
one poem at a time.


One response

  1. 1sojournal

    Thanks again. You just reminded me of a special moment and a poem I wrote years ago, that still makes me smile when I read it.


    August 31, 2008 at 7:53 pm

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