Poetry by Farah Lawal Harris

The Revolution Will Be Digitized

the revolution will not be televised!
instead it will be DIGITIZED
because today’s society has no time
for the tears in a grown man’s eyes
when he is told he is being replaced by
a computer.
the job market is sick at home
with chicken pox of broken economy
and the calamine lotion and oatmeal bath
provide no relief
to struggling families.

“How are we going to eat?”

binary 0’s and 1’s can’t feel hunger or cold.
computerized systems have code but no soul
but they continue to grow and grow
as both will and hope die.
this revolution will be DIGITIZED
as i take my middle digit
in between the pointer and ring
and raise it toward every machine
that replaces the work of human beings
and yell “Fuck you!” to new technology
and to this day that brings about
the question of revolution
without viable solution.


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