Poetry by Farah Lawal Harris

Great Eggspectations

i’m a little confused–
wrapped up in two,
thinking it’s better than one.

i had a dozen eggs once,
but i dropped one in the street
and a car drove over it.
i gave another one away,
hoping it would be kept safe,
but when i returned,
it was scrambled, fried
and burned.
another one disappeared right in front of my face
as the culprit stole it from me with a smile on his face.

so now i have nine eggs to my name.
i’m afraid to put them all in one basket
because that basket might just be a bastard with a hole in the bottom
or turn out to be a deep fryer
or a bold-faced liar.
so i’m thinking i’ll divide my lot in three–
two for the basket of definite possibility,
one for the one that has proved to be flimsy
and six that i will hold close to me
and guard with dear life
just in case i lose all the rest;
make a cage for them right on the left side of my chest,
where they can stay warm and incubate
until the environment is finally the right place
to share
instead of giving them all away.

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