Poetry by Farah Lawal Harris

Visions of Grandeur

if i had boots that were big enough,
i would put them on,
walk through bright pink paint
and stomp on the earth
to leave my footprints.

i’d want the world to remember me
and maybe i’m obnoxious
for wanting to stain it with my favorite color,
but i don’t want to just be
another broke down wannabe artist
too afraid to start shit
and content with mediocrity.
i want to be a visionary
pushing up against obstacles
and daring opposition to conquer me;
i want to be too big for my britches,
for my heart to be so huge that
i bust out of the constraints of stitches;
i want people to forget my real name
and call me “The Dreamer”
with the middle name “Doer”
and the last name “Believer,”
one who used to be an underachiever
til she looked in the mirror
and saw who she really was.

i lost who i really was,
hypnotizing myself to be content with 9-5 consistency
of knowing how much my checks will be.
depending on direct deposit every two weeks
never matches the sensation of expressing the true me
through this art that consumes me.

without art,
who is me?
just a big heart,
tongue stuck in dry mouth,
words afraid to come out,
soul waiting to talk,
and feet too small to even walk.


2 responses

  1. thepinkinmylife

    This is a brilliant poem! I am enthralled by your dexterity in weaving an eloquent message with colloquial flare. I am especially impressed that you achieved this even with the constraints rhyme imposes.

    This line in particular captivated me:

    i want to be too big for my britches,
    for my heart to be so huge that
    i bust out of the constraints of stitches;

    Absolutely lovely! If you care to check my blog out (recently started), I have some poems under the category “Poetic Ventures.”

    I will definitely be coming back to see more of your work when I have time!

    October 1, 2009 at 9:45 pm

  2. Thank you! That is so kind of you–I will definitely check out your blog 🙂

    October 1, 2009 at 10:00 pm

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