Poetry by Farah Lawal Harris

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Booty Call

you say that you enjoy my presence in your life,
but for some reason, i can’t figure out why
you only wanna see me
at night.
i prefer nice lunches
and holding hands in the street
but you seem more into
groping hands on my curves
at hours when most people sleep.
i don’t get it–
i look at myself in the mirror
and see pretty staring back at me
but when you stare at me,
all you see is pussy.
i think you need glasses maybe,
bifocals so you can experience more than one type of sight,
so you can really see clearly that my heart is light,
my mind is bright,
and that i am too full of treasures
to only be desired
at night.

Tipsy Honesty

at a dinner for my job,
after 4 glasses of Pinot Noir,
i wonder in my tipsy honesty
what exactly it is that is stopping me
from cutting out the unnecessary and pursuing my dreams.
what is it that keeps me pretending
to be happy where i am?
waiter, put another drink in this girl’s hand
as she stands in the place she never thought she would be
too afraid to run after what she wants
because of insecurity.
numbness and buzzes are easy to achieve
through the laughter and smiles and stability
but my real future and true desires
keep calling me.

Trapped in Technology

my Blackberry is a strange
and bitter fruit.
i expected it to be sweet
but my tongue and heart are surprised
by the tangy taste of modern-day technology.
people rarely pick up the phone and call anymore.
this form of produce vibrates all day
and dies before i can even get to celebrate
the chance for me and others to speak and relate.

personal modes of connecting
have been roughly replaced by texting
and i can’t take it.
we don’t even know how to talk to each other anymore,
forget the tune of our friends’ voices,
but know their short catch phrases
and which smiley faces
they prefer to use.
even “i love you”‘s get diminished
and any form of genuine compassion is finished
because important thoughts and words
are condensed to fit character limits.
honest reactions turn into “lol”‘s and “omg”‘s
and if i get one more of these stupid
“how r u”‘s
i’m going to scream!

how come you don’t call me anymore?

i guess it’s the increasing pace of the world
where most people don’t have the time or energy
to step aside and focus on one thing
so they move onto multi-tasking,
juggling schedules with smart phones
as their concentration is evicted from their home.
i guess it’s just a sign of today–
the fact that in writing these lines,
my Blackberry has buzzed 8 different times,
ripe with electronic updates.
the machine age
robs me of my sanity.
i just can’t tolerate
this lack of humanity.