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It’s Funny

it’s funny how
people mirror us more than we ever know;
it’s funny how
if we don’t ever cry, our spirits die and we don’t grow.
it’s funny how
our words to some act as seeds;
it’s funny how
what we want differs from what we need.
it’s funny how
friends you think will always be there sometimes disappear;
it’s funny how
when you’re at your lowest, your family is near.
it’s funny how
you can go from being so happy to being sad;
it’s funny how
people leaving your life isn’t always bad.

Broken Camera

broken camera,
you upset me more than you deserved to,
had me thinking that maybe you represent
everyone else who
didn’t earn my tears
but still got them;
people i put faith in
whose batteries would eventually die
and whose lenses would get stuck in the past,
never to open again;
love i thought was everlasting,
laughter i assumed would never end,
close strangers i called “best friends”
and every other instance
of disappointment.

they are like you,
enjoyable until after the warranty runs out
and on one random day, they just conk out
and there’s nothing left i could do
but get upset and move on,
then replace them,
forget what i learned,
only to get hurt again.

maybe i should re-evaluate
who and what
i put my trust in.

Dice Rollin

i’m happy you’re my baby.
you got me feeling lucky–
no snake eyes with these dice,
all i’m rolling is sevens.
who thought a rainy day
could still feel like heaven?
you had me open since day 11
minus the one on the end.
when i looked in your eyes,
i saw the future as more than just friends.
i never thought i’d feel this way again,
never thought i’d not have to pretend
or sway in the wind
of scar-filled memories.
with you i have new leaves
and they’re greener than the greenest green.
i’m higher than when i smoke¬†marijuana trees
this relationship is so obsene,
so serene,
more beautiful than 1,000 sunsets
next to the sea of bliss in which we’re swimming
and this is only the beginning.

A Rethinking of Wrinkles

dear Elizabeth,

as i close my eyes and imagine an age
that seems so far away
(which in actuality
is not so),
i realize that my youthful thoughts
fail to hold
all the meaning and significance
of wisdom.

wrinkles are evidence of freedom
because they show that the wearer of them
broke down heavy barriers and walls, saw
many rainy nights and wind-whipping days,
but survived all of them
like war-heroes who wear medals of age
on their faces and skin.

i pray i will make it to that time
and that i will celebrate when my smile lines
sink in to the corners of my eyes
and when the veins in my hands rise
like mountains to show my strength.
i’ve almost died so many times
that life almost seems too unkind
to allow me to see look into my future
without hope being jaded and blind.

i equate age with loneliness
because as i have grown older,
i’ve looked to my left and my right
and find that old friends have dropped by the wayside
and this is when i’m in my prime!
so when i’m just an odd number
that can be divided into many factors,
i wonder what amount of so-called compadres
will remember my birthday;
how many will be there to rejoice in my victories
and to console me when all i have
is tears to wash over me.

it’s a scary and curious thing,
and in my age of questioning,
i can’t help but wonder and appreciate
a wrinkly old woman who has changed
my perspective,
shown me that there’s more than one route
to approaching life
and that there is value
in the poems i write.

thank you…

Trapped in Technology

my Blackberry is a strange
and bitter fruit.
i expected it to be sweet
but my tongue and heart are surprised
by the tangy taste of modern-day technology.
people rarely pick up the phone and call anymore.
this form of produce vibrates all day
and dies before i can even get to celebrate
the chance for me and others to speak and relate.

personal modes of connecting
have been roughly replaced by texting
and i can’t take it.
we don’t even know how to talk to each other anymore,
forget the tune of our friends’ voices,
but know their short catch phrases
and which smiley faces
they prefer to use.
even “i love you”‘s get diminished
and any form of genuine compassion is finished
because important thoughts and words
are condensed to fit character limits.
honest reactions turn into “lol”‘s and “omg”‘s
and if i get one more of these stupid
“how r u”‘s
i’m going to scream!

how come you don’t call me anymore?

i guess it’s the increasing pace of the world
where most people don’t have the time or energy
to step aside and focus on one thing
so they move onto multi-tasking,
juggling schedules with smart phones
as their concentration is evicted from their home.
i guess it’s just a sign of today–
the fact that in writing these lines,
my Blackberry has buzzed 8 different times,
ripe with electronic updates.
the machine age
robs me of my sanity.
i just can’t tolerate
this lack of humanity.


the people who can make you burn
with anger and compassion
like a baby who can’t decide whether to laugh
or cry.

the people who are there
when you stand at the ledge about to jump;
sometimes they plead with you to come inside
but on other days,
leave you shivering outside.

despite hurt and clouded feelings that hold
raindrops of lack of consideration and disappointment,
if I had to choose between
my blood and my buddies,
i know to who i’d make a commitment.

people with whom you have fun
and fill time
for certain seasons.

those you are permanently linked to
and love
without reason.