Poetry by Farah Lawal Harris

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Growth Haiku

old me sees new me;

walks up, shakes her hand and says,

“pleasure to meet you!”

From the Day We Met (Haikus)

from the day we met,

God has grown closer to me



from the day we met,

past pain doesn’t feel so bad;

smiles have replaced tears.


from the day we met,

“more than i ever prayed for”

is how i see life.


from the day we met,

i lose myself in laughter

and love feels so good.


from the day we met,

each time i look in your eyes,

my heart skips a beat.


from the day we met,

my life hasn’t been the same.

i’ll never look back!

Insomnia Haikus

explored the future;
caught back up with the present–
sleepless and tired.

i got all dressed up
in my birthday suit and yawn.
sleep forgot to come.

under my eyelids,
dreams are ready to be born;
no contractions yet.

Friendship Haiku

friendships wither fast

like plants deprived of water,

attention, and love.

Homeless Man Haiku

homeless man feeds birds;
i’m full, yet still long for more.
who’s the crazy one?

Retrospect Haiku

i lost all i had,

then met you and gained it back;

maybe pain’s not bad.

Discovery Haiku

my tongue has been bit

for so long that when i speak,

my own voice scares me.