Poetry by Farah Lawal Harris

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It’s Funny

it’s funny how
people mirror us more than we ever know;
it’s funny how
if we don’t ever cry, our spirits die and we don’t grow.
it’s funny how
our words to some act as seeds;
it’s funny how
what we want differs from what we need.
it’s funny how
friends you think will always be there sometimes disappear;
it’s funny how
when you’re at your lowest, your family is near.
it’s funny how
you can go from being so happy to being sad;
it’s funny how
people leaving your life isn’t always bad.


Tree Hugger

i need a hug.
am i wrong to say that i don’t trust the people around me
to hug me long enough,
to grip me genuinely enough?
i don’t need one of those from-the-side one-arm
“i don’t really feel like hugging you, but it’s the nice thing to do” type hugs.
keep your arms to yourself.
i need chest against chest
until we exchange breaths.
share your burdens with me without talking
and i’ll do the same.
nothing sexual, just being humane,
relational as we were meant to be.
even a tree stretches its branches away from itself
despite being climbed on,
arms being chopped off, sometimes broken by storms.
it keeps growing, stretching, pushing past comfort zones
until its undying effort is seen even in shadows.
we should be more like trees–
reach out even we are tired,
grow closer to others even if our hearts are solid as wood.
let nature guide us,
honor what’s inside us,
love often,
honestly, desperately, generously,
hug me.


Just Do the Math

when it comes to love,
there is simplicity.
in the past, i have made it so complicated
when really it’s arithmetic
like 1 times 3
rather than the square route of infinity.
it’s just that i’ve been taught
that things of worth are hard to earn,
so when love seem too easy,
i make the cruise-controlled vehicle turn
with mean words
and inconsiderate actions
and forget my simple math
and skip ahead to long division and fractions.


the people who can make you burn
with anger and compassion
like a baby who can’t decide whether to laugh
or cry.

the people who are there
when you stand at the ledge about to jump;
sometimes they plead with you to come inside
but on other days,
leave you shivering outside.

despite hurt and clouded feelings that hold
raindrops of lack of consideration and disappointment,
if I had to choose between
my blood and my buddies,
i know to who i’d make a commitment.

people with whom you have fun
and fill time
for certain seasons.

those you are permanently linked to
and love
without reason.