Poetry by Farah Lawal Harris

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Sensory Control

i want to
infiltrate your central nervous system like a drug.
i want to
be a muscle relaxer so that your heart will feel
at ease with me…
so that you can chill
and be free with me
as i slow down your breath patterns until
you’re conscious of just how much you have needed me.
i want my voice
to raise your blood pressure,
the blues and purples of my tones mixing
with my bright yellows so
that when you close your eyes to sleep,
all you see is my shades and hues,
confusing you so you don’t know
whether you’re warm or cool.
i want to wrap around your senses
like an eternal death sentence
but instead of filling your veins with poison,
i would fill your soul with passion.
allow me to control these senses because i sense this
game turning into somethings serious
even if all i want to do right now is play
with what you’re hearing, seeing, tasting, feeling
and inhaling.
watch me as i dare to be air,
as i strive to be as fundamental as oxygen itself
for the sake of you humbling yourself
to acknowledge that you are in me…
love is who i be
and i wish to control thee.
watch as i lure thee
with smiles and stares that last
a while longer than they should,
gestures that could be easily misunderstood,
words that sound too good to be true
but that resonate deeply with you.
look around and before you are through,
i got you.